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Hi guys, this week I bring you a different type of blog post. For several weeks I have been collecting a list of some of the best Agile Blogs :)

It seems that I got a pretty long list therefore I am passing it to you. The list is ordered based on Alexa.com raking with the exception of the top three blogs where I could not isolate personal blogs from msdn.com and blogspot.de therefore the top three are not accurate.

If you find any errors, or if you have more blogs to add to this list just contact me :)

If you find more blogs that you think that could be added to this list just leave a comment.

I hope you appreciate this list.

Name Twitter URL Alexa Position
J.D. MEIER’S BLOG: SOFTWARE ENGINEERING jdmeier http://blogs.msdn.com/b/jmeier/ 42
JASON YIP jchyip http://jchyip.blogspot.de/ 547
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT TODAY duarte_vasco http://softwaredevelopmenttoday.blogspot.de/ 547
AGILE ZONE dzone http://www.dzone.com/mz/agile 3291
INFOWORLD infoworld http://www.infoworld.com/ 6668
AGILEBLOG: RALLYDEV.COM agileblog http://www.rallydev.com/community/agile/ 11053
ARCHITECTURE & DESIGN dr_dobbs http://www.drdobbs.com/architecture-and-design 39543
PLANBOX BLOG planboxinc https://www.planbox.com/blog/ 45780
MARTIN FOWLER martinfowler http://martinfowler.com/ 50164
SCRUM ALLIANCE scrumalliance https://www.scrumalliance.org/community/articles 50801
ABOUT AGILITY: AGILE INSIGHTS FROM THE TRENCHES outsystems http://www.outsystems.com/blog/ 67750
SUCCEEDING WITH AGILE mikewcohn http://www.mountaingoatsoftware.com/ 72151
COLLABNET: SCRUM AND AGILE BLOG collabnet http://blogs.collab.net/agile 82560
XEBIA BLOG xebia http://blog.xebia.com/ 119280
VERSION ONE versionone http://www.versionone.com/resources/blogs/ 125288
BRIDGING THE GAP llbrandenburg http://www.bridging-the-gap.com/ 154986
LEAN ENTERPRISE INSTITUTE leandotorg http://www.lean.org/ 180239
PICHLER CONSULTING romanpichler http://www.romanpichler.com/ 207656
THE AGILE WARRIOR: A BLOG ABOUT CREATING VALUABLE SOFTWARE jrasmusson http://agilewarrior.wordpress.com/ 224730
ARTEM MARCHENKO artemmarchenko http://agilesoftwaredevelopment.com/ 255525
ELEGANT CODE elegantcode http://elegantcode.com/ 297623
HENRIK KNIBERG’S BLOG henrikkniberg http://blog.crisp.se/author/henrikkniberg 306630
ALL ABOUT AGILE kelly_waters http://www.allaboutagile.com/ 310310
AGILE SCOUT agilescout http://agilescout.com/ 371194
CURIOUS CAT: MANAGEMENT IMPROVEMENT BLOG curiouscat_com http://management.curiouscatblog.net/ 395855
MARK NEEDHAM markhneedham http://www.markhneedham.com/blog/ 401439
PERSONAL KANBAN | VISUALIZE. LEARN. IMPROVE. personalkanban http://www.personalkanban.com/ 498939
SHMULA: BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY shmula http://www.shmula.com/ 552332
HOLISTIC PRODUCT DESIGN & DEVELOPMENT jeffpatton http://www.agileproductdesign.com/index.html 553008
PAWEL BRODZINSKI ON SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT pawelbrodzinski http://brodzinski.com/ 590050
DOUG SHIMP BLOG scrum_coach http://blog.3back.com/ 601030
AGILE WEB DEVELOPMENT AND OPERATIONS mmarschall http://www.agileweboperations.com/ 641341
NOOP.NL jurgenappelo http://www.noop.nl/ 661351
MANAGING PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT johannarothman http://www.jrothman.com/blog/mpd/ 691768
THE EXPERIENCE IS THE PRODUCT cindyalvarez http://www.cindyalvarez.com/ 701777
LEADING AGILE mcottmeyer http://www.leadingagile.com/ 705789
TYNER BLAIN sehlhorst http://tynerblain.com/blog/ 712978
ScrumInc.com jeffsutherland http://www.scruminc.com/category/blog/ 733646
XPROGRAMMING.COM ronjeffries http://xprogramming.com/index.php 742792
THE AGILE CEO solutionsiq http://www.solutionsiq.com/blog/ 791966
ALISTAIR COCKBURN totheralistair http://alistair.cockburn.us/ 923506
BOR!SGLOGER borisgloger http://borisgloger.com/blog/ 1017775
AINSTAINER GROUP BLOG ainstainer http://blog.ainstainer.com/ 1030188
THE ART OF AGILE jamesshore http://www.jamesshore.com/ 1033381
AGILE FOR ALL agileforall http://www.agileforall.com/ 1037519
RICHARD LAWRENCE rslawrence http://www.agileforall.com/author/richard/ 1037519
THE HACKER CHICK BLOG hackerchick http://www.hackerchick.com/ 1042485
SCRUMOLOGY davidjbland http://scrumology.com/ 1049955
AGILE 42 agile42 http://www.agile42.com/en/blog/ 1052603
SCRUM AGILE PROJECT MANAGEMENT EXPERT scrumexpert http://www.scrumexpert.com/ 1089519
THE CRITICAL PATH derekhuether http://thecriticalpath.info/ 1119606
NET OBJECTIVES alshalloway http://www.netobjectives.com/blog 1262240
TASTYCUPCAKES.ORG tastycupcakes http://tastycupcakes.org/ 1304645
HERDING CATS galleman http://herdingcats.typepad.com/my_weblog/ 1332665
BRADEGELAND.COM begeland http://www.bradegeland.com/ 1337497
IMPLEMENTING SCRUM mvizdos http://www.implementingscrum.com/ 1348004
TEST OBSESSED testobsessed http://testobsessed.com/ 1398867
AGILE ADVICE – AGILE METHODS mberteig http://www.agileadvice.com/ 1548371
BIG VISIBLE: INSPIRING AGILITY bigvisible http://www.bigvisible.com/blog/ 1551689
BETTER PROJECTS: PROJECT LEADERSHIP brown_note http://www.betterprojects.net/ 1594249
AGILE PAIN RELIEF CONSULTING mlevison http://agilepainrelief.com/ 1595693
LEAN SOFTWARE ENGINEERING: ESSAYS ON THE CONTINUOUS DELIVERY berniethompson http://leansoftwareengineering.com/ 1634949
KEN SCHWABER’S BLOG: TELLING IT LIKE IT IS kschwaber http://kenschwaber.wordpress.com/ 1652472
AGILE MATTERS AND AGILE CIO make a twitter http://www.indigoblue.co.uk/blog 1792605
LUIS GONCALVES lgoncalves1979 http://lmsgoncalves.com 1796788
TINYPM BLOG tinypm http://www.tinypm.com/blog/ 1869021
BEN LINDERS benlinders http://benlinders.com 2067031
VISIBLETHREAD visiblethread http://www.visiblethread.com/blog/ 2252490
THE AGILISTA PM agilistapm http://www.agilistapm.com/ 2274504
AGILITIX michaelsahota http://agilitrix.com/ 2277593
SYSTEMS THINKING, LEAN AND KANBAN dpjoyce http://leanandkanban.wordpress.com/ 2316049
LITHESPEED’S LITHEBLOG lithespeed http://lithespeed.com/ 2350528
HAPPY MELLY happy_melly http://www.happymelly.com/ 2430342
CORY FOY: IT’S ALL ABOUT AGILITY cory_foy http://blog.coryfoy.com/ 2472929
SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT MUSINGS methodsandtools http://blog.martinig.ch/ 2766042
MICHAEL LEE STALLARD: INSIGHTS ON LEADERSHIP michaelstallard http://www.michaelleestallard.com/ 2886384
SCHAUDERHAFT jensschauder http://blog.schauderhaft.de/ 3020502
AGILE TESTING WITH LISA CRISPIN lisacrispin http://lisacrispin.com/ 3072820
BRAINS LINK brainslink http://brainslink.com/ 3078940
THOUGHT CLUSTERS krishami http://www.thoughtclusters.com/ 3159049
THE AGILE EXECUTIVE agile_exec http://theagileexecutive.com/ 3176976
YVES HANOULLE BLOG yveshanoulle http://www.hanoulle.be/ 3216950
VISUAL MANAGEMENT BLOG xquesada http://www.xqa.com.ar/visualmanagement/ 3436689
ERIC D. BROWN’S TECHNOLOGY AND STRATEGY ericdbrown http://ericbrown.com/ 3582225
TEA-DRIVEN DEVELOPMENT: MATT WYNNE mattwynne http://blog.mattwynne.net/ 3665465
COACHING AGILE TEAMS – LYSSA ADKINS lyssaadkins http://www.coachingagileteams.com/ 3840555
GEORGE DINWIDDIE’S BLOG: EFFECTIVE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT gdinwiddie http://blog.gdinwiddie.com/ 3869810
LIMITED WIP SOCIETY: THE HOME OF KANBAN grouply http://limitedwipsociety.ning.com/ 3908263
JASON LITTLE: HELPING ORGANIZATIONS GET BETTER jasonlittle http://www.agilecoach.ca/ 4104540
ESTHER DERBY INSIGHTS YOU CAN USE estherderby http://www.estherderby.com/ 4377419
FRAGILE BLOG neilisfragile http://fragile.org.uk/ 4377849
AGILE MINDSTORM ruckiand http://agilemindstorm.com/ 4407253
WHAT TO FIX: FIX THE SYSTEM. danielbmarkham http://www.whattofix.com/ 4450983
BECOMING AN AGILE FAMILY maritzavdh http://scrumfamily.wordpress.com/ 4456958
MARKUS GÄRTNER mgaertne http://www.shino.de/ 4601691
RACHEL DAVIES – AGILE COACHING rachelcdavies http://agilecoach.typepad.com/agile-coaching/ 4882379
MARY POPPENDIECK BLOG mpoppendieck http://www.leanessays.com/ 4887482
AVAILAGILITY – KARL SCOTLAND kjscotland http://availagility.co.uk/ 5156686
LISETTE SUTHERLAND lightling http://www.lisettesutherland.com/ 5260771

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  1. Reply

    Great list! Thanks for providing the top list of agile blogs.

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  3. Reply

    Hi Luis,

    Just wanted to share one more agile blog which you might find useful – http://www.agify.me.


    • Joseph Moore
    • January 13, 2016

    Hi Luis,
    I went through your post it is indeed very effective knowledge for Agile Process.The links which you provided are even more helpful. I also like to share with you some facts about Agile from http://www.scrumstudy.com/.

    How Agile models became popular?
    Agile development models addressed the shortcomings associated with traditional project management models in meeting the ever-growing environmental demands and expectations that organizations were facing.

    Hope you find this effective.

    • Reply

      Hi Joseph,

      Sorry but I am not the right person to discuss the whole Scrum Study approach…

      TO be honest having a ScrumBook or whatever is not the right approach and in my opinion does not help at all the scrum movement… You treat Scrum as a process and Scrum is so much more than that…

      Really sorry for my honest opinion but its what I feel.

  4. Reply

    nice list! Thank you! I appreciate it!

  5. Hi Luis,

    Cheers for taking the time to put all the top blogs in one place.

    My question…

    Would you count Business Analyst Guru (ba-guru.com) in your top 100?


    • Reply


      I am not going to change anything now… This blog was done some time ago ;) But at some point this year I will do the same ;)


  6. Reply

    I want to share a resource that I thought might be a good fit for your article.
    They offer online programs and individual training courses which are all endorsed by the IIBA ®.

    Here are the details:
    name: Business Analysis Excellence
    website: http://www.business-analysis-excellence.com/
    Twitter: bacourses
    Alexa – 840953


  7. Reply

    I turned this list into a little tool. See http://agile-blogs.github.io/.

    This site is a automated feed aggregator that tries to get the most recent blogs about agile software development in one place. It aims to provide links to blog posts. A tagging feature helps ordering the posts.

    We will linke directly to the feed sources in our feed and not host the contents of your blogs except for the /pages/ listings.

    The site is currently in beta stadium. That means: We are looking for new Authors.

    The site tries not to build content, but a directory of links. Seems strange in 2015 but the question “Whats hot and new in agile” does not ask for storing of the contents of the site.

  8. Reply

    Hi Luis,

    here is a new agile blog, which focuses on agile product management and the PO roll. Should be considered as well:


  9. Reply

    Luis, Great list. I know you must have put lot of efforts in compiling the list.

    Lot of real-world agile knowledge can be gained by following these agile experts. The thing with agile is that principally, it is not difficult to understand as a concept but more often than not, the challenges are faced in its implementations.

    That is because of so many reasons but that’s not the point – for me, agile is, do agile whenever you can, wherever you are with whatever you have … it feels like real life to me where nothing is certain – only your ability to deal with an uncertain next counts.

    While I looked at these experts, I learned that there were a few people whom I did not know so I created a twitter list with all these experts to learn something from the experts insights – I thought I should share the list if any other agile enthusiast wants to follow the list – twitter.com/utpalvaishnav/lists/agile

  10. Reply

    There are many agile/leadership/project managers bloggers on the list that I admire. I hope some day I could join them on a top 1000 list :)

    • Reply

      Hi :) two years ago I was not even on the top 10 000 :) Now I am on top 100 :).

      During 2015 I want to become top 25 :) It requires a lot of work but anyone can do it :)

      All the best for 2015.

  11. Reply

    I offer y own small, but beautifully-formed agile blog here: http://storm-consulting.com/blog/ for your reader’s consideration.

    Thanks for the heads-up Ben

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  13. Reply

    If you base your ranking only on the Alexa score (which I admit is one of the few publicly available data about web site trafic… but it is far from being perfect or precise), you should title the list, the 100 Agile blogs with the highest traffic, which might not be correlated with quality as web promotion and Agile knowledge are two different set of skills.

    • Reply

      Next time I know that I can talk with you to get your help ;)

      Send me the URL of the blog post that you will prepare with the best 100 Blog posts based on the quality ;)

      Speaking and comment is easy, but taking the time and actually create these kind of blog posts that is a different story ;)

      I am looking forward for your blog post ;)


  14. Reply

    It’s great to have my blog in this top 100 list of agile blogs, big thanks Luis!

    And an even BIGGER THANKS for writing the book Getting Value out of Agile Retrospectives with me.

    You have significantly increased the awareness for agile retrospectives and your contributions to help people all around the world to do retrospectives in a meaningful way are incredible!!!

    I’m really enjoying how we are collaborating, this is awesome :-)

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    • Sameer Bendre
    • October 29, 2014

    Great list, Luis.

    I know it’s LOT of work as I heard from Peter (@agilescout) when he did the similar exercise in past. It’s great to have 2 names in the list that I am associated with: AgileScout (thanks to Peter) and OutSystems (I work with them).


    • Mark Lines
    • October 28, 2014

    Hi Luis,

    please add the the DAD blog. The ranking is 2,592,393

    • Reply

      I will do it later on…

      Thanks for adding the blog to this list :)


    • CT
    • October 28, 2014

    Hi Luis,

    Great list! Some new ones I’ve added onto my own list, thanks for compiling.

    You might want to add http://www.axisagile.com.au/blog to the list. Based on the alexa ranking, it might come in around the 70’s. :-)


    • Reply

      Awesome :)

      I will update them soon.

      I am extremely busy but as soon as I have time I will do it :)


        • CT
        • October 29, 2014

        Thanks for that Luis. Keep up the good work!

    • Rajesh Rathod
    • October 28, 2014

    Thank you for putting this wonderful list together. One small request: I don’t see any blogs from India featured on this list. I was hoping to see at least Naresh Jain’s blog (Managed Chaos) – http://blogs.agilefaqs.com/ which has a Alexa rank of 832,875. Thanks again.

    • Reply

      Thanks Rajesh :) Awesome :)

      I couldnt do it alone :) I am counting on people like you to improve this list :)

      I will update them soon.

      I am extremely busy but as soon as I have time I will do it :)


  17. Reply

    Thanks for the mention!

  18. Reply

    Not bad, though it would be even better if you dug deeper like our Top 200 list:

    See the bottom for how we ranked!

  19. Reply

    Hey Luis…

    Scruminc.com (Jeff Sutherland’s site) should be there just above Ron Jeffries. It’s at 733,646.



  20. Reply

    Hi Luis,

    Thanks for the list :) Can I throw our website into the ring for the next one? Current ranking is 1084079.


    • Greger Wikstrand
    • October 27, 2014

    My Alexa ranking is 7,808,186. Where would that put me in the list?

    • Reply

      How about checking the last one ;) Definitely not on the top 100 :)

        • Em
        • October 27, 2014

        I thought it wasn’t a top 100 ;-)

        Adventures in Scaling Agile (www.prettyagile.com) is ranked 3,411,384, does that make the “top 100”? ;-)

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  23. Reply

    Nop :)

    Not really, enjoy ;)


    • Marko
    • October 26, 2014

    Any chance to get URLs of the blogs as a links, so that I can open those without copy-pasting texts?

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