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Anti Pattern – Change Scrum Master often

Changing the Scrum Master role within the team is something that I hear time to time. Fortunately not that often. The defenders of this theory claim this is beneficial for the team and for the different team members. They think if people change the role of Scrum Master all team can understand what are the […]

Rewards may destroy improvement efforts in our companies

In the book, Punished Rewards, Alfie Kohn states, “Rewards do not require any attention to the reasons that the trouble developed in the first place.” He explains how rewards ignore the root cause of the problems. In general, we believe rewards will get others to do what we want. As parents, if our child is […]

Goals and Objectives attached to monetary rewards destroy your MVP!!!

People that follow my work know how passionate I am about topics such as performance appraisals, along with the myriad goals and objectives attached to the performance of a person. If you want to review my previous work just click here. This blog post will be fully dedicated to how goals and objectives attached to […]

Rewards are a great way to Punish people

Alfie Kohn, in his book Punished by Rewards, explains to us that rewards and punishments are two sides of the same coin; they are not opposites at all, and in fact have a strong kinship between them. Another author—Kurt Lewin—in his book “A dynamic Theory of Personality“, goes even further. He says that rewards and […]

Monetary Rewards destroy relationships between people

In today’s world modern companies try to create environments where cooperation is a must between employees and departments. Alfie Kohn, in his book Punished by Rewards, goes further and states: “Cooperation does not just make tasks more pleasant; in many cases, it is virtually a prerequisite for quality”. Companies start to realize that having well-functioning […]

Providing Feedback – Awesome excuse to impose Performance Appraisals

Hi guys, some of you that follows my work knows that I love to write about Performance Appraisals. Specially now at this time of the year where everyone in companies are talking about Performance Appraisals. Every time I talk with someone about abolishing performance appraisals from the face of earth, the “feedback excuse” is always on […]


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